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June 16, 2008


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Sorry~ we were not tea drinkers at our house~ but after I married, my MIL taught me to make Sun Tea~ I love the idea of adding the lemonade~ in fact I will pull out my sun tea jug~ brew some and add the lemonade later today~ it will be a good week of tea for me~ ;-) ~S

Pei Li


I love lemon tea and they are my favourite beverages of all time! I could/would have a glass everyday! I love using brewed tea, a strong bright tea is my favourite.

Pei Li

Karen Sweet Necessi-Teas

I love your recipe for iced tea with the lemonade concentrate added. I will have to make some tomorrow. It was 100* today and no relief in sight. It will be very refreshing!

Growing up in Texas, we just drank iced tea with lemon and sugar--year round. I was an adult before I was introduced to hot tea.

Susan - My Vintage Charm

Ah...thank you for reminding me of the wonderful times spent at Grandma's! We also were served ice tea on those very warm days. Gosh I had almost forgotten that. Thanks for the memories!


My husband grew up with sun tea, and I learned to make it PDQ after we were married. I hadn't thought of adding lemonade. Hmmmm interesting....The picture of the tea with mint looks mighty inviting.
Theresa @ Cottage Violets


Kathleen, great tip of adding lemonade to your ice tea, I never had ice tea before I moved to US, it might have to do with the climate in Sweden, though!!
Sisters Gift Company

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