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January 25, 2010


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Lady Katherine

I love your tea setting! So glad I bought that table clothe and the cozies! I love the cake stand! I enjoyed last night watching Jane Austin's Emma! I will be waiting for the next! I was in love! I told hubby last night I need the sound track! Your sure on It! Thanks so much Kathleen, for I had such a lovely time watching last night! Love your setting! I have Grands everyday, My daughter start back to work tomorrow, so the baby will go back to Day Care, not sure about the 5 year old. But he can tag along with Granpappy and give me a much needed break! Don't tell Doc I had my Grands since 3 weeks after surgery, for he would be so mad, if he knew I was even keeping them now. But we do what we have to. I got hurt twice really bad from accidents, by keeping them. I can rest tomorrow!

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