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September 19, 2009


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Lady Katherine

Now, I know somewhere I been following you by email or newsletter? I do not remember coming by your blog. So glad you left me a question. So here I am and loving this photo you took! Oh, it wonderful! When Hubby comes back I telling him I want one! I did have a small one and he store it down when we moved our 100 year old home here. Now about your question on our Mississippi Bloggers Luncheon. How it got started. I found a lady who did not have a blog at the time and a blogger had done a guest post on her blog of the lady home. Then she started blogging! Yeah, well I found another MS blogger, and then some found me. I made an arrangement, took a photo of it and Called it Mississippi Magnolia Southern Belles. I then did a post and asked the ladies that wanted to join in for a meeting with lunch and tea and shopping! lol To add the button on their blogs. Made a date to have the luncheon and did another post and a lot of emailing. lol Now that is how we all got to meet. It was great! Some wanted to meet at my home, I am in middle of remodel and surgery knocking at the door in 3 weeks. So I think really it is best to meet at the Cafe. For some were nervous about meeting people they did not know personally, just on the internet. Now I wrote my letter, can't wait to see what you come up with for your button and meeting. Make sure you leave me a note telling me or just email me at
I can't belive you knocked on the door, I would have too! lol It reminds me of the outdoor wedding, I did for my daughter by the water.

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